Get professional headshots with a variety of looks by an experienced photographer that understands what casting directors are looking for and that knows it is important to create your personal brand, so you'll get call backs for the roles you seek.


This package is for actors and entertainers to use for self-promotion and includes one high resolution retouched photo per look. Depending on the quality of light natural or studio lighting may be used. Approx. 10-20 shots of each look will be taken before we review the images side-by-side on a large screen, so that together we can easily determine which are your best shots or make adjustments before moving on to the next look.


You will then be provided with low resolution JPEGs in a private online gallery so you can share it with your entourage to help choose your final image to be retouched. Retouched images will be provided within 2 days unless they are rush ordered.

Each look includes 1 basic retouched image.

2 Looks $250

Each Additional Look $100


When deciding on your wardrobe think about what the stylist would choose for the actors to wear in the type of series or movies you would like to be cast in.

Dress appropriately for your age and the role you want, but do not wear a cheesy costume. Are you a white collar or blue collar worker or student? Think about what they would wear. A white color worker might wear a polo shirt and khakis or a suit; where a blue collar worker would wear a t-shirt and jeans. If you wear glasses they could make you more educated or geeky.

You do not have to break the bank if you need some new wardrobe items. Many stores have return policies that makes it easy to "borrow" some cloths for your shoot. Just make sure you steam them to remove creases before your session.

In comedies actors often wear bright cheerful colors:



In dramatic series or movies colors tend to be darker and muted:




DO bring a variety shirts with different necklines: collared, crew, v-neck, boat neck, turtle neck, ruffle.

DO bring jackets, sweaters, hoodies, button shirts, t-shirts, blouses, scarfs or neckties. If you want more looks, wearing layers is an easy and quick way to do it!


Now let's talk about busy patterns, pictures, text and logos. Did your eye pull to the pictures below when you started to read this? They are distracting. Please do NOT wear them for your headshot! You want your face to be the focus — not what you are wearing. It is best to stick with solid colors.

If you do NOT have muscular or slim arms, please do NOT wear a sleeveless shirt. You can wear one under a jacket or sweater though! In fact, it is great when you can layer cloths!

Also PLEASE bring clean, wrinkle-free cloths on a hanger. Pants and shoes do not matter so much. Headshots are taken from just above the waistline. But do wear some kind of bottoms as I am not shooting nudes either!


I do not like to overly pose my clients so they do not end up looking stiff and feeling insecure. Instead I prefer to give some tips as we go along to help you remember to look your best.


Look in the mirror and decide which side is your best. Faces are not perfectly symmetrical. Do you look better on your left or right side? If one of your eyes is larger than the other, it is best if the larger eye is further from the camera since objects closer to the camera appear even larger.

Practice your smile. While shooting I try to make it a fun experience to put you at ease. I am a photographer and not a comedian, so let me know what makes you happy. Also give me a heads up if something tragic happened recently, so I do not ask you if you have a pet to only learn it died the week before.

We will chat for a bit before we start to shoot to help you feel more comfortable and to get to know each other. But while we shoot try not to talk too much. If I ask you about something to help you relax, just think about the answer until I drop the camera.

Play with your hair. If you have longer hair, lets move one side behind your shoulder and the other side out front. Move your hair all in front and also try placing it behind your shoulders too. Also pull your hair back using a rubber band or clip. Twirl your hair with your hands or pull it back with your hands.


Casting directors want to hire an actor that is easy to work with and a smile tells them you are friendly. But also keep in mind that if you want more dramatic roles, you might not give too wide of a smile either—maybe more of a smirk. We will take shots with you giving a range of different expressions, so practicing in the mirror will help you decide how you want to appear to the casting director.

Remember to also move your body. A wide stance with your legs further apart and firmly on the ground will make you look more confident and powerful. Legs crossed will make you look softer and more at ease. Be aware of your posture. Push your shoulder back and your crest forward. If you place your hands on your waist twist so we can see the space between your body and arms. Try crossing your arms—ladies should cross arms more loosely than men to appear softer such as leaving one hand on top of your arm rather than both tucked in. Try lightly touching under your chin on the back of your fingers with your hand relaxed.

If you turn to the side, lean on your back leg and bend the leg closer to the camera, your body will look slimmer. Also if you hold your arms slightly away from your body they too will look skinnier, instead of pressed up against your body looking thick.

Most importantly I will show you how to position your head so that it gives you a nice jawline and no double chin! Let's say it is kind of like a turtle pose where you push your head forward from your chin. You will notice the difference when we review your shots.


How are you going to look when you go on an audition? Do you have a glam team do a makeover before going on an audition? If not then, it is best to look the way the casting director will meet you. They do not want someone showing up to the audition not looking like the person in the headshot.

LADIES: I advise you to do your own makeup and hair. Most imperfections can be corrected in retouching, so do not fret if your skin is not camera ready. I will keep an eye on your hair to make sure it looks the best as we shoot. Just bring some makeup and hairspray. You will have time to change your makeup and hair for different looks, but keep it simple.

GENTLEMEN: I honestly love shooting men! You guys are so much easier than us ladies. Do bring a some translucent power to tone down any shine. If you go to Ulta I'm sure a worker there can help you find one that will do the trick! Also your facial hair should be consistent in your headshot as it is when you show up to an audition. If you have a beard do you want to keep it? A little stubble that you can grow in two days is fine to look more rugged. Or do you want a clean shaved face? If so, then shave before you arrive. Think about that type of facial hair the character you want to be cast as would have. Also bring some gel and a comb or brush if you want to style your hair differently.


2 Looks $250

4 Looks $425

Each additional look $100

One high resolution basic retouched JPEG included per look.

Receive all high resolution JPEGs of selected images.


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