By hiring a professional photographer you are making an investment in your company. Sure your receptionist or the person in HR can take a snapshot, but can they help you achieve your goals? Most clients come to me because they want to look professional and build a rapport with clients by showcasing staff headshots on their website and on LinkedIn so their staff look professional, welcoming and trustworthy.

A portable photo studio can easily be set up in your office. We will meet a few days before your session to walk the location to discuss if a conference room, break room, warehouse or lobby will have enough space to set up a photo studio in your office. At least an 8'x10' with an 8' ceiling area will be needed and a standard power outlet.


Tell me what you need, any ideas you have about what you want to achieve, approx. how many people will need headshots and if you have an idea about where a photo studio could be set up at your office. If you are not sure exactly what you want or need, I can help answer questions and give you a few ideas about what might work for you.


Booking a session is easy! A 50% retainer is required to hold appointments that's payable by check when we do the walkthrough. At the walkthrough we will also review the agreement and sign it. 


I will bring a background, lights, lighting modifiers, stands, a stool if needed and a Canon 5D Mark III and a backup camera and lens. It is best to designate one person from your staff to gather the employees when it is their time to sit in front of the camera and to check off a list to make sure no one is missed. If someone is absent the day of the session or you have a new hire they can always come to my studio in Burbank to have their headshot done or we can set up a second shoot in your office for an additional fee.


All of the photos on this page have been retouched. I highly recommend retouching because it will help to elevate your company's overall professional branding and make your staff feel great about themselves. I have never had a client that did not order retouching because they understand the value it offers. Retouching is done so that everyone looks natural with smooth skin, sharp bright eyes and white teeth. I also remove any lint and stains on clothing.  


I can either edit and select the best pictures of your staff or you can have one person in your staff choose the best pictures. You will be provided with low-resolution JPEGs in a private online gallery to your final images. All final high-resolution images will be posted for someone on your staff to download and archive them within 1 to 2 weeks.


Includes 1 to 2 looks per person, travel time, setup, basic equipment fees and photo processing. Pricing may change based on special circumstances. Please request an estimate.

  • $450 for first person 

  • $70 each additional person

  • $30 per retouched image

  • $100 for group photo without risers

  • $100 to $500 for same day video session

  • $100 to $300 for candid office photography


Request an estimate using the form below or call 818.391.0501


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