Get professional headshots with a variety of looks by an experienced photographer that understands what casting directors are looking for and that knows it is important to create your personal brand, so you'll get call backs for the roles you seek.


This package is for actors and entertainers to use for self-promotion. Depending on the quality of light natural or studio lighting may be used. Approx. 10-20 shots of each look will be taken. In one hour we can shoot between 2 to 6 looks depending if you come prepared before we review the images side-by-side on a large screen, so that together we can easily determine which are your best shots or make adjustments before moving on to the next look.


You will then be provided with low resolution JPEGs in a private online gallery so you can share it with your entourage to help choose your final image to be retouched. Retouched images will be provided within 2 days unless they are rush ordered.

2 Looks $250

Each Additional Look $100

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If a client is present, I might not answer immediatly. Please leave a message and I will return your call.

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