Enchanted Maternity Portraits

Updated: May 14, 2020

Just because an epidemic is going on does not mean that it gets to steal all the special moments in our lives. I meet Karleigh while freelancing at an agency in Los Angeles before the Coronavirus changed everyone’s way of life. Karleigh is a wonderful free spirit that is creative and full of love and hope. I knew immediately that I wanted to be friends with her, as I love to be around people with positive energy.

After knowing her for a few months, she excitedly announced that she was pregnant. I was so happy for her. She had previously shared with me her story about how she met her boyfriend Lupé and how they have been together literally forever. Lupé is her first and only love. They are so infatuated with each other. Seeing the two of them together is so sweet—especially in this age when people seem to not invest in relationships when they can order up another one at a click of a button.

Immediately we began to plan for her maternity portraits. If you cannot tell, Karleigh’s favorite color is purple. She also loves fantasy and nature. We wanted her maternity portraits to look enchanted. Then in the middle of planning the Coronavirus hit.

It was just unfortunate timing. They had to cancel their baby shower and we had to push back her maternity shoot. Karleigh is not the type of person to let anything get her down and she kept her spirit high. Maternity shoots are all about timing and babies do not want to wait too long either. Once things settled down a bit we chose a safe location and scheduled a date for their session.

We took the photos at a local park that does not get too much traffic in the middle of the week. Knowing that we wanted their portraits to look magical they had to happen during the golden hour! We perfectly timed them to happen at sunset to get beautiful golden light with natural magical lens flairs and continued to shoot until the sun went down.

If you are interested in booking a portrait session with Amy Texter Photography, please send a message by clicking here.

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